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Thursday, 2018-05-24, 1:04 PM
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50% Comm on Diy Wedding Cupcakes Video
2011-05-11, 7:25 PM

Dear Friend,

If you're like most people, you've been enchanted by the beautiful works of art known as wedding cupcakes. You're not alone. In fact, wedding cupcakes are becoming so popular that many brides are ordering them instead of wedding cakes. Here's why...

    • The price of wedding cakes keeps climbing and even the smallest wedding cake can break some people's budget.
    • It can be difficult to accurately cut and serve wedding cake to a large number of guests.
    • No matter how carefully you plan, there will always be someone who doesn't like the cake's flavour, icing or filling choice. Cupcakes give you options!
    • Wedding cupcakes are the perfect choice for less formal weddings.

We're not talking about the kind of cupcakes you'd bake for a child's party. Today's wedding cupcakes can range from your basic cake flavours to gourmet choices. In fact, you can mix and match colours, designs and flavours to create a medley of wedding cupcakes to please every guest's taste.

spacerAnd forget about just slapping down a layer of cupcakes on a platter and hoping your wedding guests won't notice; with little or no baking or decorating skills, you can create a wedding cupcake masterpiece that looks like this.

spacerBut it's not just the cupcake's taste that matters; the key to serving wedding cupcakes that will be remembered for years to come is in the decorating.

spacerI'd like to say "that's where the hard work begins," but I would be lying. You see, creating simple or even elaborate wedding cupcakes is a snap once you know how.

spacerOf course, it takes more than a moist cupcake and some stacking skills to make memorable wedding cupcakes. You need to know how to keep the frosting soft and pliable, how to choose the perfect cupcake paper, and how to create those to-die-for designs that you see on wedding cupcake platters costing $3 or per per cupcake!

Just like anything else you've ever learned how to do, the mystery disappears once someone knowledgeable takes you by the hand and provides step-by-step instructions.

How would you like to sit down at your computer and have a wedding cupcake decorating expert take you by the hand and provide the step-by-step guidance you need to create wedding cupcakes that are as tasty as they are beautiful?

If you were to attend the finest pastry school to learn the secrets of creating wedding cupcakes, you'd have a master pastry chef for a teacher. He or she would lovingly craft individual works of art while you watched every hand movement and nuance.

Then, after you had watched the master at work, it would be your turn. Nervously, hesitatingly, you'd begin the process. Your teacher would expect you to remember everything you saw him or her show you. It would be impossible to hit a mental rewind button and watch the chef repeat whatever steps you were having problems with, and the atmosphere might get a little thick if you made too many mistakes.

With really good pastry schools commanding $15,000 or more per year in tuition, it's unlikely that anyone is going to enrol just to make wedding cupcakes for their own wedding or the wedding of someone they love.

And while I don't have the authority to give you the title of Pastry Chef, I do have all of the skills, talent and patience it takes to make you a world-class Cupcake Artist.

quoteThe fashion that began in Martha Stewart Weddings years ago that has now landed firmly in the middle of American weddings - is to set cupcakes on wedding-style cake tiers. unquote

-- Sarah Gilbert, Food Writer

 Yes, there are some things you need to know about becoming a Cupcake Artist, but you're not going to have to spend a year in culinary school and $15,000 of your hard-earned money to learn it.

Wedding Cupcake Secrets




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