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Tuesday, 2018-06-19, 5:43 PM
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Insider Cruise Tips! 65 Years Combined Industry Travel Experience!
2011-05-18, 2:56 PM

"How To Have the Most Fantastic Cruise Vacation Possible
At The Lowest Price!

Ex-Airline Pilot and Flight Attendant - Veterans of Numerous Cruises... Reveal How You Can Have The Most Enjoyable Vacation You Could Ever Imagine!

Hidden Ways to Save You Money the
Cruise Companies
Don't Want You To Know!

Let me get right to the point...

The cruise companies are out to separate you from your hard earned cash and they are professionals that hire financial marketers to do just that...

Mark my words. You need to know how to book your cruise like a pro and get all the FREE Perks you are entitled to! Right? Ok then, now just read on...

  • Internet reconnaissance. Where to find for the best possible savings before, during and after your cruise. Which Google search term will give you the greatest results? This alone can save you hundreds of dollars!
    (see pages 22 - 23.)

  • The number ONE consideration before booking your Alaska cruise! This could mean the difference between a fantastic cruise and a miserable one! (on pages 13 - 14.)

  • Which cruise discounts to ask for. There are a lot of cruise discounts out there you may not be aware of. These discounts can save you money. Maybe not a fortune, but a few hundred dollars here and there can really add up. (check out money saving tips on pages 17 - 18.)

  • The low down on cruise ship cabins. Which cabin gives the smoothest ride? What to look for and beware of before choosing your cabin location. Which ones are the best bargains, not just in price and the smoothest ride... but which cabins give you the best bang for the dollar? Is a Veranda cabin right for you? Get the low down on Promenade Deck Cabins too! (more money saving tips on pages 19 - 20.)

  • No matter which size cabin you're in... there is NEVER enough room. Discover how to make your cabin feel like home and get rid of that clutter!
    (see pages 19 - 20.)
  • Does the age and size of the ship matter? Yes, find out why you need to know and then be a pro cruiser and book the best ship!
    (see pages 20 - 21.)

  • Need a hotel before and after your cruise? During our years in the travel industry we've literally stayed in HUNDREDS of different hotels. There's ONE PLACE we've found that's beat everyone else for the best prices on hotels... bar none. (check out more money saving tips on pages 21 - 22.)

  • The four categories of clothing you'll need to take. These are on your
    pre-departure checklist included in this package, you need this to have the right clothing and to look your best when you need it most. (see pages 27 -28.)

  • Dining options. Here's the in an out's of available dining options on ship... which to choose and why. (see pages 39 - 40.)

  • How to dress for dining and on board and while on off shore on excursions. If you are visiting religious places the one thing you need to pack to be sure to not embarrass yourself! Or EVEN get Arrested, some eastern countries require head wear and similar coverings, be prepared. Which clothes to wear, what to choose for various functions and why. (look at pages 28 - 29.)

  • Did you know the average weight gain on a cruise is two pounds a day? Not good. How to keep from gaining that weight... and possibly even lose weight! Imagine coming home from a cruise weighing less! (on pages 37 - 38.)

  • Telephone calls and the internet. Should you take your laptop computer? There are advantages. Discover the tips and hints on how to save the most money which keeping in touch with your loved ones at home. PLUS, how to keep your personal information secure when you use the ship's Internet. (see safety and money saving tips on pages 41 - 42.)

  • What you need to know if you're going to drive to the departure cruise port. This one tip alone could save you many times the cost of this package! (see pages 42 - 43.)

  • Immunizations - What you need to know about your immunizations the records you need to have and how to stay current with the changing problems in today's health conscious world. (see pages 43 - 44.)

  • How to get extra cash from an ATM while on your cruise. Is it a good idea to get cash while in port? Why or why not? How to avoid credit card problems and which credit cards are accepted in the ports you visit. (find out more, on pages 44 - 45.)

  • Have you ever heard of the cruise line's inventory department? Not all cruise lines will release this information, but if you know what to ask for... you could really benefit. (check out secret tips here pages 45 - 46.)
  • Air and Sea Packages. Get an Airline Discount and Sea Discount! Does it pay to book your own flight if it is cheaper? Did you know you may qualify for a repeat cruise discount? The answers are inside. (see pages 20 - 21.)
  • Senior Discounts. Military Discounts and Discounts for Children and how to get yours! Yes, if you are over 55, have a military style job or have children you are taking on the cruise you may qualify. Find out how you may be able to cash in on the Senior, Military and Children Discount Options. (see pages 20 - 21.)
  • On-Board Credits! What are they, how to you can get these FREE bonuses and how to you spend them! Cruise lines have these Perks if you know about them and you can get lots of extra comforts and even Dinners for FREE! But if you know who and what to ask for...and you can get hundreds of dollars in perks too! (check out money saving tips on pages 45 - 46.)
  • ...and much more! CLICK HERE

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