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Thursday, 2018-05-24, 1:06 PM
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How To Play Tennis: Instructional Videos For Tennis Beginners
2011-05-13, 10:21 PM

"Always Wanted To Learn How To Play Tennis But Don't Know Where To Start?"

Dear Tennis Beginner,

ould you like to...

  • learn how to play tennis quickly and without the frustration that beginners often experience with tennis?

  • save hundreds of dollars on tennis lessons by getting all the same information here for less than the price of one lesson?

  • learn technique that lays the foundation for advanced strokes when you're ready for them?

  • learn tennis with the modern "game-based" approach that lets you develop your own fluid strokes instead of robotic copy of your coach's?

Learning how to play tennis can be an enjoyable journey, especially when your game improves to the level at which you move effortlessly around the court hitting accurate and powerful strokes.

However, as with every journey, you can head off in the wrong direction. The direction you take at the outset makes the biggest difference in where you end up.

Unfortunately, tennis teaching has long been too intellectual, with too many verbal instructions. The result is over-thinking beginners who move like tennis robots.

I've seen tennis players spend hundreds of dollars on lessons, only to be left more confused than ever... and unable to keep the ball in play for more than a few shots!

Have you been taking lessons and hitting hundreds of balls with no noticeable improvement?


Do you feel that you are stuck or maybe even going the wrong direction?

The biggest danger for a beginning tennis player is learning a stroke the wrong way. Once the body learns a movement pattern, it's hard to unlearn it. Erasing muscle memory, by replacing it with a new correct movement, is a frustrating and painstaking process.

And the hardest things to unlearn are those we learn as a raw beginner. Flaws you acquire at this stage are deeply ingrained. They can dog you forever, making you miss shots you shouldn't miss.

Don't let this happen to you...

Get on the right track now, as a beginner, and you'll soon enjoy your tennis game with great looking strokes and the ability to hit them consistently, time after time, with accuracy and power.

What If You Learn My Step-By-Step Modern Method Of Teaching Tennis Beginners?

professional tennis coach

My name is Tomaz Mencinger, and in the last 12 years as a tennis pro, I have taught hundreds of beginners from 4 to 74 years old how to play tennis with this modern and proven way of teaching tennis.

The way tennis is taught has changed in the last 10 years, and I have been in touch with all the latest research and methods, being a level 3 coach in European standards and a USPTR Professional tennis coach.

I even presented some of my teaching methods at the ITF Coaching Seminar in Bangkok in 2006... (picture)

Although learning how to play tennis takes time, the process can be greatly accelerated by learning tennis technique and footwork in a proper progression.

Here's A Secret That's Probably Going to Shock You...

Tennis technique is only a small part of the abilities and skills needed to play tennis. Most instruction online and on court fails to recognize this.

They teach you the technique but not HOW TO PLAY. Moving your arms in a "correct" way has very little to do with being able to play tennis.

For example, they keep telling you how to follow-through, not seeing that your biggest problem is judging the ball flight and getting to the right place in the 1.5 seconds you have available.

Having many instructions in your mind makes your brain very busy, so that it cannot calculate the ball's flight and your timing correctly.

The result is that the more you think about correct technique, the worse your timing and ball tracking get.

Consequently, you'll probably miss the shot, and the coach will probably tell you what to think next so that this mistake won't happen again. Unfortunately, thinking more instructions about technique won't fix the problem of thinking too many instructions about technique.

So, the problem deepens, and you are in a magic never ending circle of mistakes and over-thinking how to correct them.

But Not Anymore...

This beginner's package fills the gap by teaching you how to play tennis as well as how to swing. It shows you exactly how to speed the motor learning process, so that you improve much faster than beginners normally do.

It provides drills to improve your ball judgment skills. It shows you how to get rid of the tension that slows your improvement. And much more...

Since the best way to learn tennis technique is visually (Research shows that 75% of people are visual learners, especially of motor learning skills), this "How To Play Tennis" instruction for beginners is presented in video clips.

They guide you with a step-by-step, proven, modern, game-based approach that has you playing mini tennis in the first MINUTE of the first instruction video!

That's why I'm confident that you'll learn how to play tennis quickly, correctly and with a natural game-based approach that lets you develop your own style within the basic technique.


How To Play Tennis: A Complete Video Instruction Guide For Tennis Beginners

Read more and Order

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