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Tuesday, 2018-06-19, 5:39 PM
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Mastering Freestyle Technique
2011-05-13, 11:33 PM

Dear swimmer,

If you have watched Michael Phelps at the Olympic games and wondered how you can learn smooth and fast freestyle, you need to look no further.

I'm going to show you the step-by-step formula to swimming efficient freestyle, in less time than you ever thought possible.

I want you to imagine a scene.

You're standing at the end of the pool, feeling your toes curled over the edge. You're about to dive in. It's only a training session but you know everyone is watching, waiting to size you up.

"I bet you're no good," you imagine them saying.

Their judging eyes peer across at you. You can feel your heart pounding against your chest.

Butterflies appear in your stomach as you push off the wall, entering the water.

"Why is this so hard?" you scream from inside. "It looks so easy, but nothing seems to improve my technique or make me any faster!"

You promised yourself you'd do something about it.

"But what?" you remind yourself.

Nothing has worked so far.

You've tried the local stroke correction group. The teacher could barely swim himself!

You've hunted around the internet for answers, but nothing could put the puzzle pieces together.

"There's got to be an answer out there!"

Luckily, there is a solution.

What 9 Out Of 10 Swim Coaches Won't Tell You

Hi, I'm Brenton Ford and I'm an Australian National swim coach.

You don't know me because I've kept my training secrets strictly 'under the radar' for the past few years. It's only since winning the national titles that I've been forced to go public.

I'm going to let you in on a dirty little secret of the swimming world.

Less than 1 in 10 coaches know how to teach swimming from scratch, and they're afraid to admit it (I was one of them!).

And most elite coaches can only help 'good' swimmers make minor adjustments (and improve only tenths of a second).

Ask them to help an everyday lap swimmer burn 5 seconds from a 100 meters and they'll run in the opposite direction.

It's not their fault, they've never been taught how to teach swimmers correctly.

As a two-time national championship winning coach, I can tell I didn't always know how to teach freestyle.

In the beginning, most of my swimmers had the coordination of a kangaroo in the water.

They'd tire easily. Choke on water. Even get frustrated with their lack of progress.

This is when I decided to find out how elite swimmers learn freestyle.

WARNING: Do Not Show This Program To Your Competition

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