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Thursday, 2018-05-24, 1:06 PM
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The Action Machine
2011-05-11, 4:45 PM


Hi, my name is Derek Franklin, and if you give me several minutes of your valuable time, on the page below, I'm going to share with you a simple, 3-Step system that will dramatically increase your ability to get things done (yes, I'm going to give you the entire system, right here).

This system will allow you to easily take more action, and recapture lost hours in your day, lost days in your month, and even lost weeks in your year.

It's so effective, I personally used it to take an idea from my initial thought about it, to a complete, ready-to-install software product in only 5 days (I'll share that story with you a bit later).

In other words, this simple system turned me into an action machine!

But before I share that with you, let's look at...

If you're like most people attempting to get things done in life, you're probably using one of, or a combination of, the following tools:

  • To do list
  • Day planner
  • A 'time management' system
  • Calendar
  • Post-it Notes
  • Napkins
  • A whole lot of hope

Let me ask are those working out for you?

Think about your everyday results...

Despite using these various tools, do you really feel like you're regularly taking action at a level that is giving you forward motion in life?

It's so important that you can answer YES to this question, because where you are in your life right now (your level of happiness, contentment, and satisfaction) is a direct result of your ability to take action and get things done!

Think about it: If you're only 80% as effective with your time as you could be, then you're essentially wasting 20% of your life away - that translates into 15+ years that are just gone. Unfortunately, if you're like most people, it's probably worse than that.

That's a ton lost time you could spend bettering yourself, getting healthier, exploring the world around you, hanging out with your friends and family, or simply creating something awesome. In other words, doing things that matter.

This level of time-wasting has severe consequences in life:

  • You feel like you're constantly just 'spinning your wheels', going nowhere
  • You regularly go to bed feeling guilty you wasted another day away
  • You see more and more stuff just pile up in your life - with no end in sight, which leads to a lot of frustration, overwhelm, and stress

If you're feeling and experiencing any of these things right now, you're not broken, but the 'system' or method you're using to take action and get things done is - plain and simple. The reality is... having chaos in your life is not a 'fact of life' - something that you just have to accept as being part of living.

You can eliminate it, and I'm going to help you do that, today!

So, you have all these tools you're using that are supposed to help you take action, and they do help a little, but they're only preventing you from sinking completely, right?

That's not good enough!

So what's the key that's going to take you from simply not sinking, to consistently taking massive action, and getting things done? What's going to turn things around for you?

Well, I found that there are actually 2 keys, and if your current method for taking action doesn't include both of them, then it's time to dump it, because it's going to keep you in the 'not sinking' mode, and you have the ability to do so much better than that!

So what are these 2 keys?

  1. Be simple to learn and use
  2. Give your brain exactly what it needs in order to trigger it to WANT to take action

An effective action-taking system should feel natural, and you should be able to learn and use it quickly and easily - otherwise you're going to quickly give up on it, and return to your old, unproductive self.

Has that ever happened to you? It's happened to me!

And doesn't it make sense that any system you use should play on the strengths of what your brain is naturally good at doing?

What is that?

Well, your brain is a goal-achieving machine!

But in order for your brain to efficiently achieve any goal (including the completion of all the things you have to do on a daily basis) - You have to give it what it needs:

  1. Clear outcomes
  2. Specific deadlines/timeframes to reach those outcomes
  3. Context, or the ability to see the BIG picture, and how each outcome fits into it, which gives you clarity, so that achieving it is believable and possible

You may or may not have noticed, but these 3 elements represent the foundation of most successful goal-setting programs. Why? Because they work!

They're just as effective in helping you reach your goals as they are for helping you answer your email and organize your office - your list of to do's.

So, how do you bring these two keys to taking massive action together into a single system?

Well, let me share with you a simple discovery that I made that answers that question.

As a lifelong student of achievement, and as a guy who enjoys creating and doing things in life, I spent many years looking for the perfect solution for taking control of my time so I could get things done - lots of things! :)

Like you, I tried a little bit of everything - from creating to-do lists, to using day planners, to trying to work within the boundaries of a complex time-management program.

I had some success with each of the things I tried, but nothing I would call a 'breakthrough success'. That is, until one day I stumbled across a short article where someone was describing a simple action-taking system they called, timeboxing.

A name that, when you understand how the system works, describes it perfectly.

So let me give you some real value here, and show you the 3-Step process of timeboxing, and you can decide for yourself whether the name fits or not. Write this down, so you can use it later:

  1. Write down all the things you want to get done for the day: Everything from writing, creating content, or planning your next project to answering your email and balancing your checkbook.

  2. Assign a specific time to each task: Anything from 15 minutes to 4 hours.

  3. Select a task, start a timer (like an egg time), and focus on nothing but accomplishing that task: This means you don't answer the phone, you don't get up for a drink, you don't log onto Facebook - none of that. You remain focused on the task-at-hand!

In other words, each action you need to take during the day represents a small 'block' of that day (a box, if you will). You determine how big of a box it is by how much time you set aside to accomplish it (a single day can consist of anything from just a few, to a dozen boxes). When you're ready to take action, select a box, start a timer, and get to work!

That is timeboxing!

See, I told you it was simple, and that the name fit! :)

If you practice these three simple steps regularly, it will totally revolutionize the way you get things done in your life - guaranteed!

I can say this without sounding like I'm bragging, because I didn't develop timeboxing, I'm just a true-believer in it.

Because I personally experienced the power of using this process, I knew others would benefit from it as well. But as a software developer, I could see how mixing the basic system with a bit of technology could enhance it in a lot of useful ways.


  • By Eliminating The Grunt Work - Creating lists of actions, managing the time you assign them, prioritizing them, tracking which ones you've completed, and remembering which ones you need to do regularly are all things that can be handled more efficiently using software.

  • By Giving You Visual Tools To Help You Get A Crystal-Clear Picture Of Your Day - Humans are visual creatures. The clearer we can see something, the more we feel like we can control it. When it comes to planning your day, the clearer you can visualize what you need to do, and how much time it's going to take, the more easily you can manage it and believe that it can be done!

  • By Helping You Track How And Where You're Spending Your Time - One of the most important skills you can have when it comes to getting things done is awareness - knowing exactly how and where you're spending your time. After all, how can you manage something (like your time) if you aren't aware of how you're using it? Once again, software makes doing this a breeze!

So, with these goals in mind, I brainstormed an idea, broke it up into timeboxes, and I went to work! :)

After a lot of 'blood, sweat, and tears', dozens of hours of testing, and a ton of user feedback, I'm please to introduce you to version 3 of this amazing action-taking software!

Here's what it looks like:

As you can probably tell by this screenshot alone, a lot of time and energy went into making The Action Machine not only an effective action-taking tool, but a great-looking one, too!

The Action Machine is completely built around the timeboxing concept, so it works because it's simple to understand and use, and it ties together the three key motivating elements that push your brain to take action (we talked about these earlier):

  1. It turns your daily actions/tasks into mini-goals - As we discussed earlier, our brains love goals, big or small, because they're built to be goal-achieving machines. Give your brain a goal, and it immediately goes to work finding ways to reach it.

  2. It allows you to quickly and easily assign each mini-goal a specific timeframe or deadline - Once your brain has a goal, a deadline is the fuel that motivates it act! The shorter the deadline, the more revved up your brain gets.

  3. It shows you the BIG picture of your day with a level of clarity that helps you believe you can get it all done - Instead of getting poor results because your day is an overwhelming, uncontrollable, cloudy mess of stuff you need to do, this system breaks your day down into small, manageable pieces that you actually see yourself getting done with ease. When you believe you can, you will!

When these three elements are brought together in the dynamic, automated environment of The Action Machine - the synergy totally transforms the way you psychologically and emotionally look at all the things you have to do.

So much so, that after you've used it for a while, you almost feel yourself getting addicted to taking action.

I don't know about you, but that's a habit I can definitely live with!


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