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Tuesday, 2018-06-19, 5:41 PM
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Wedding Speech Secrets: Father Of The Bride Speech
2011-05-13, 12:41 PM

ATTENTION Father Of The Bride: nervous at the prospect of giving your speech? Then this is for YOU …

"Discover How An Ordinary Family Man Can Get Laughter, Tears and a Standing Ovation For His Father Of The Bride Speech... With No Prior Speech Experience!"

Read on to uncover a Step By Step Guide that practically walks you through everything you need to know to create your OWN inspirational father of the bride speech!

Dear fellow Father Of The Bride,

Where does the time go?

It only seems yesterday you were cuddling that precious bundle – just a few minutes old – and suddenly

that little helpless bundle is now a woman and her wedding is fast approaching around the corner. What’s more, you have to give a memorable "Father Of The Bride” speech – and you no idea where to start!

Yet you can’t possibly let your little girl down on her Big Day.

No way.

And the audience for your speech of a life time could hardly be worse: half of them are your family and the other half are total strangers: the bridegroom’s family.

Does This Sound Like You?

The thought of going on stage in front of peering eyes make you sick to the stomach with anxiety and nervousness?

Do you sit down with a pen and paper but are clueless on where to begin?

Are you feeling pressured to deliver a great speech that not only will touch your daughter but also entertain the crowd?

Do you worry about sounding foolish and having people laugh at you?

Do you think you'll need countless hours of preparation just to deliver a 5 minute speech?

Don't Stress, I Have a Solution!

My name is Michael Johnson and I understand exactly your torment, because I have worked personally with many fathers. For you see, I am a professional wedding speech writer by trade. I have written wedding speeches for hundreds of fathers, many of them willing to pay me upwards of $397 for just one custom-written speech!

However now that I am retired from this profession, I have decided to come up with another solution that can be just as effective.

You see, in my time as a speech writer, I began to see a pattern to all the speeches I had written. Sure each speech was unique, but the thought process that went behind it was the same. I would ask my clients the same questions and based on those questions I would write their wedding speech for them.

This got me thinking...

"Writing a father of the bride speech is really not that hard."

So much so that writing your speech and actually giving can be a simple, effective and even an enjoyable experience.

So I began writing a guide that can lead even the most nervous of fathers, along the path to create his very own unique and memorable father of the bride speech.

And not only will I show you what to do – I’ll also guide you away from the most common mistakes.

That way, in just minutes from now, you can stop dreading this upcoming event and even look forward to your star role.

Imagine giving a speech at your daughter's wedding that will:

Leave the audience speechless from the hysterical laughs and moist eyes after you finished

Overwhelm your beautiful daughter with your words and stories

Finishing your speech to a thunderous applause

Leave a priceless memory that will last with you and your daughter forever

Are your ready for some good news?

Everything you need is here in my program...

Wedding Speech Secrets: The Father Of The Bride Speech


Wedding Speech Secrets: Father Of The Brde Speech




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