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Monday, 2018-12-17, 2:39 PM
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Sentence Openers: Mary Duffy's Writing Guide
2011-05-08, 3:04 PM

Sentence Openers

Hi, I'm Mary Duffy, Co-author of Sentence Openers. Not to brag but to arouse your curiosity: this book will be an eye opener for you!

Mary DuffyDiscover how you'll gain respect, fame, and fortune, with our fantastic e-book! And if you are a student, see how you'll get all 'A's in your essays and term papers.

Download Sentence Openers and you'll see that
this humble book will change not only the quality of your writing, but also the quality of your professional life.

Put into action our structures and techniques and you won't go gack to your old habits of writing straight prose --subject, verb, object-- that bores readers to tears.

No more S-V-O.
No More S-V-O.

To your right you have an example of powerful writing by conservative writer Patrick J. Buchanan. Note how Buchanan expresses his controversial themes without using to the S-V-O pattern.

If you are in the habit of writing sentences that begin with articles, nouns, or pronouns, then your prose will sound like:

John hit the ball. Danny the catcher caught the ball. The crowd roared. Then we evened the score. It was late into ...

How boring! Driven to tedium and distraction, readers will abandon you and run for the exit.  

What do you usually find in Bookstores to Help You write better opening sentences?

Very little! You will find the same old tools:

Old grammar books, exhausted writing guides, unimaginative workshops paperbacks, and faded style books that offer the same rehashed examples.

winebottleopswissopen sign
In many Writing Centers and Writing guides the emphasis is on essay thematic structure. They teach you, for example, how to structure an essay, but they don't teach you how to open your essay; how to open your sentences.

So, you're stuck!

Of little use will be to you that you become an expert writing topic sentences, their development, transitions, restatements, and writing conclusions. Yet, not a single lesson about opening sentences in a proper and exciting manner.

Try our way: write a sentence that you'll love and that you'll be proud of it. If you are a student try writing papers that are ready for publication.

Now, let me tell you what you'll find in our e-book: 

  1. An introduction that explains how you are judged by your writing.    
  2. How verbal sentence openers make your prose athletic.
    When you read Maureen Dowd, Sigmund Freud, Betty Friedan, or an ancient writer such as Plato, you never get bored. Why is that? Why is their prose always as fresh as the morning dew? Keep reading and you'll see.
    If you are a college student, you'll get 'A's in all your essays and term papers from now on.
    If you are a business person you'll impress everyone and will close many sales.
    For ESL students: If English is your second language, you'll express yourself in English just like native English speakers; in some cases even better. Your American English will be just that: your American English at its best!
  3. How to use subordinating conjunctions as sentence openers.
  4. Using similes to startle your reader.
  5. Directing traffic with prepositional phrases.
  6. Powerful openers with Absolute phrases.
    Although our e-book isn't an English grammar book, whenever needed we explain the grammatical terms we use. Of much value to our readers is the glossary we have included.
With copious writing examples --lots of examples of fine writing-- culled from master writers, our Sentence Openers will show you the basic steps for you to crank out appealing, smart, and intense openers. 
For More Information click here

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