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Friday, 2018-11-16, 3:48 AM
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Diy Fireworks & Rockets - The Complete Guide
2011-05-08, 1:53 PM

Make your own Firework Chemicals

Looking for a Do-it-yourself guide to fireworks without requiring to learn everything about chemistry and physics? If you’ve been looking for over 100 pages of firework secrets, loaded with pictures, photos, and images, then this your book!

This book literally has EVERYTHING you will need to take from a fireworks beginner to a pyrotechnic pro in just a matter of hours. Wether you’re looking for a simple guide to make dextrin, or a reliable way to make your own fuse, your’ll find that this book has the best information that’s very easy to learn.

A few things you can make

German Blackhead & Bright Aluminum Powder

Tired of being limited to just a few pounds per year, and having your name put on a government list every time you order from any of the ‘big names’ in the firework chemical industry? We have now included an entire section on Aluminum Powder, both German Black and Bright. The Aluminum powder section teaches you REAL methods of creating quality aluminum powder. If you’ve ever searched the internet, you’ve probably realized the methods the forms suggest are flawed, dangerious, and don’t even give you a quality product. Our method for creating aluminum powders is a scaled down method very similar to that used in the industry. You will not be disappointed. Skylighter charges $39.95 per pound for German Aluminum Powder (plus high shipping). I’ll teach you how to make it for under $2 per pound!

I used to sell this ebook separately for $29.95, but now it’s included in the complete works. This section is worth the price of the entire book alone!

Potassium Chlorate & Perchlorates

Today Firework chemical suppliers like scan all your orders and most likely will deny you of these chemicals.  Why? Because the Consumer Product Safety Commission will sue and shut down any company that sells materials used in M80′s, cherry bombs, silver salutes, firecrackers, aerial salutes, rocket headings, and other flash-powder based items. This means that German aluminum flake, potassium chlorate/perchlorate and any other chemical used to make flash-powder based items have become almost impossible to get without a special license for permission. And if you do get them, you can be sure that you are being monitored.

Previously, DIY chlorates and perchlorates has been one of my best selling books. Selling for $29.95, thousands of everyday people have learned the industry secrets to making this exclusive chemical. The best part is that you can make many chlorates and perclorates for about a dollar per pound!

Potassium, Strontium, & Barium Nitrate

True, these nitrates are not very expensive, but if you try to buy Barium nitrate at skyligher, you’ll see the following message: "Unable To Ship, Must be Picked Up at Warehouse”.  That may be fine for someone who lives closeby to their warehouse, but what if you don’t? Potassium, Strontium, and Barium nitrate are some of the most popular and important chemicals in the fireworks and rocket industry. This guide will teach you how to convert other chemicals into these extremely important oxidizers for pennies. Never again will you be forced to go without a green flash!

image of potassium nitrate

High quality Potassium Nitrate made using our exclusive method... and just $1.15 a pound!

30+ Pages of 4th of July Firework Formulas

4th of July, Canada day, New Years, Guy Fawkes’ day  Pioneer day, the list goes on. There is always a great excuse watch some fireworks. Have you ever wanted to make any of the following but just didn’t know how?

  • Whistles
  • Stars (Several varieties)
  • Fountains
  • Colored Smoke
  • Glitter
  • Primes
  • Colored Sparklers
  • Rockets (including bottle rockets)
  • Roman Candles
With over 30 pages of formulas, you’ll be able to make just about anything. Combine that with the the instructions on how to make almost every chemicals needed, there will be nothing to stop you from becoming a firework master.
For More Information click here

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How to make star fireworks making process and BP

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