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Tuesday, 2018-06-19, 5:39 PM
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How to Win Any Election (Kit)
2011-05-13, 4:54 PM

Learn How to WIN Any Election

How to Win Any Election is Local Victory’s premium guide to running and winning any political campaign. This is it – everything we’ve learned in over a decade of helping candidates win, all in one complete package.

It’s all in here… from fundraising and message to working the grassroots and designing direct mail. This is a complete guide to running successful political campaigns and winning on Election Day.

Everything You Need to Win is Included

How to Win Any Election Kit

Anyone who’s ever run a campaign before will tell you: there’s a lot that goes in to running a successful political campaign. That’s why we included everything in this kit, without holding back any of our time-tested strategies or tactics. In this kit, you will learn:

  • How to get on the ballot, gather a team, and start your campaign
  • How to write a campaign plan, perform research, and run campaign polls
  • The best ways to develop your campaign message, image, and theme
  • How to use TV, radio, the Internet and more in your campaign
  • Why the grassroots matter, and how to run a professional grassroots campaign
  • How to raise money by holding events, starting major donor groups, and more…

Premium Information, for Campaigns that Want to Win

We are extremely proud of this kit… in fact, this is the package we have always wanted to offer here at Local Victory. After you read the books and plans that are contained in this guide, you will know more about running a campaign than 90% of everyone working in politics today… including campaign professionals.

Everything You Need to Know, and More… Five Great Items are Included

This kit comes with five great items to help you win:

1. How to Win Any Election

This 178 page e-book is the most complete guide to winning elections available today, and covers every aspect of setting up, running, and winning a political campaign. Nothing has been left out… It’s all in here.

2. The Big Mo – How to Win Your Campaign by Building Momentum

The Big Mo is Local Victory’s advanced guide to building momentum in a political campaign… this 57 page e-book is a master’s class on how political pros use advanced tactics to build political momentum that carries their campaign to victory on Election Day.

3. Professionally Written Sample Campaign Plan

For the first time ever, we are proud to include a complete professionally-written 49 page sample campaign plan with this kit. Now you can dig inside a real campaign plan, and use it to guide the writing of your own winning plan. This is the same type of plan that Local Victory regularly charges over $1,000 to create for campaigns around the country.

4. Sample Fundraising Direct Mail Letters

The How to Win any Campaign Kit also comes with a packet of three professionally-written sample fundraising letters that you can use to learn how the pros craft their pitch, and get ideas for your own direct mail letters.

5. Sample Political Press Release

Finally, the kit comes with a sample political press release that you can use to start writing your own campaign press releases.

Advice from the Best in the Business

All of the books, plans, and samples in this kit were authored by Joe Garecht. Joe has spent a decade in the field helping candidates win. As a professional political consultant, campaign manager, fundraising director and political author, Joe has run countless campaigns and learned the best tools, strategies, and tactics to win ANY campaign… and now, he’s sharing everything he knows with you, in the How to Win any Election kit.

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