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Tuesday, 2018-06-19, 5:36 PM
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How To Make Apps For iPhone & iPad
2011-05-10, 3:03 PM

Have you been looking for a way to really master developing iOS apps for the iPhone and iPad?

Here is how you can become an iOS app developer using the latest technology and best practices available

The Mobile App Mastery Institute is dedicated to helping you become the best app developer possible, keep reading to find out how the institute can help you master app development...

Who I Am & How I Can Help You

My name is Matt and in March 2008 I was working for a research company in New Jersey. Life was ok except for one thing: the software application that I created and worked on for 5 years was doing awesome, but... After all that time, it just was not going anywhere and I realized that I couldn't do anything about it because I didn't own the thing.

Even though I thought the app was mine, the company I worked for actually owned it and they were not interested in really developing my application further. This frustrated me and I know now that this frustration was due in part because I was a closeted entrepreneur. Clearly, to be happy I needed to run the show but there didn't seem any way to do that, until...

A spark hit when Apple announced the Apple App Store and it's built in business model.

It was clear to me that I could do my own thing by making iPhone apps.

Of course, it was not easy to learn iOS (then called iPhone OS) and I coded and studied until I passed out every night. I even flew out to San Francisco for that first WWDC with iOS so I could learn from the people who engineered this new system.

Long story short, my effort paid off and I was able to quit my job by that November and live off the revenue produced by my original set of iPhone apps. Sure, I was a bit more frugal but my lifestyle did not change much.

Check Out My Biggest App - Tasting Notes!

So you can see my favorite app below. Tasting Notes is my flagship app and represents all the stuff I learned over the past two years now. This app alone has 5,405 users which is exponentially more than I ever had in my New Jersey day job. It's tons more gratifying too.


So What, Am I Just Showing Off Now?

No, even though I'm really proud of Tasting Notes and the two years of cumulative learning, experiment, mistakes and iteration that Tasting Notes represents - I'm showing you my app because I want you to see what you can do with Mobile App Mastery.

The apps that you will learn to create with Mobile App Mastery will share similar features to Tasting Notes: they will be complex multipage apps that will apply UI customizations in a tasteful way. Using advanced features like cloud computing and Google Maps will make your app even more valuable to your users.

More than just going over the textbook information about Objective-C and Cocoa-Touch, Mobile App Mastery gives you a direction and pattern to follow when architecting your app.

I don't just talk about Model-View-Controller - I show you how its done with the most up to date tech like Core Data and even give you a template to apply to all your projects.

In fact, I believe that your apps will be much bigger and better than Tasting Notes because you have the chance to learn iOS app development from the ground up while avoiding all the mistakes I was forced to make. It took me two years to get to this point but I believe that with effort you may get here in months.

In a nutshell then - the purpose of Mobile App Mastery today is to promote awesome apps and awesome developers. And now with the Mobile App Mastery Institute you can take a short cut to becoming an iOS developer yourself.

Let Me Be A Tad More Specific...

Early on with Mobile App Mastery I was approached by iPhone Boot Camp to teach 3 day intensive seminars on iPhone apps. The task was big: get developers like you up to speed with iOS in only three days without anyone jumping out of any windows. I have to tell you this is tough.

After traveling all over and teaching this stuff again and again I distilled the essential topics and best ways to teach iOS app development. The system that I came up with has been tested in the field and continuously improved (and it is still being improved).

What I do is very hands-on.

Even though the "understanding" part is important and I go over that, the bottom line is that you want to be able to MAKE APPS not just know about them.

Here is what I do when going over a new development topic:

  • Presentations (going over the concepts)
  • Demonstrations (coding right before your eyes)
  • HANDS-ON exercises (you will be coding yourself)
  • Sample source code (your reference for later)
  • Dig deeper (pointers to more information)
    This pattern works both in person with iPhone Boot Camp and in the Institute where I use screen-casts and keynote presentations.

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