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Thursday, 2018-05-24, 1:10 PM
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Speak Easy Thai
2011-05-14, 6:18 PM

Speak Easy Thai

Speak Easy Thai is the ONLY Windows software
that teaches Thai vocabulary with fun activities
and no boring lessons!

Learn Thai vocabulary quickly using images and sounds recorded by native Thai speakers!

The Problem with Thai

Speak Easy ThaiThe main problem with learning Thai is that the basis of the language is not European-based. English and the other Euro languages have Latin, Greek, Viking, etc., roots; Thai does not, so you have to memorise hundreds, if not thousands, of strange sounds. This is difficult, unless you use some sort of memory trigger. Speak Easy Thai helps solve this problem by presenting a picture and a sound file; all words are spoken by a native Thai speaker, so you hear the correct tone.

There are more than 5,000 images and 5,000 sound files on the CD, and more than 39,000 words in total. Compare that to other methods of learning Thai: cassettes and audio CDs have no pictures, and are typically limited to a few hundred words.

Speak Easy Thai

In many cases, the pictures used are funny or strange in some way, to help you remember the word. For example, the word for "car tire" (or "tyre", if you're a British English speaker) has two pictures, shown at right. Both are memorable, not boring, and it is this simple trick that helps you remember the Thai word. Your brain makes an association between the sound of the Thai word (yang rot, in this case) and the picture. Seeing the Thai word without an image is a much harder way to learn.

There are several ways of learning vocabulary; you can also test yourself on what you reviewed. The tests have a couple of options to make the review easier or harder.

10 Minutes or 2 Hours?

You don't have to spend a lot of time learning, either. You can start the program, review a few words of some subject, say 10 words about the body, then test yourself on just those 10, then close the program and do something else.

When you choose a subject, the program selects words randomly from the list of available words for that subject. So you probably won't get the same words if you run the program again tomorrow and choose the same subject. Or you can learn the words for just one of the 16 situations, like renting a car. Or you can practice tones with an exercise listening to 200 pairs of similar-sounding words.

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