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Russian Language Course for Lovers
2011-05-09, 9:42 PM

The Russian Language Course for Lovers (for Men)

Russian Audio Course for MenWelcome to the Russian Language Course for Men.

This fun and exciting audio course is the original and only Russian course specifically designed for speaking Russian in relationships. Whether you have experienced this first hand or not, the biggest challenge you face in your relationship with a Russian woman is the language barrier.

If you'd like to overcome this problem, and be able to communicate with Russian women with ease and confidence... this course is for you!



What is this course about?


This is the original and only Russian language course that has been designed specifically to teach you the Russian that is essential for relationships with Russian women.

Who is this course for? 

  1. This course is for anyone who is interested in a relationship with a Russian woman, and who would like to be able to communicate with ease and confidence... and without relying on translators!

  2. It is also a great resource for anyone who wishes to expand their Russian knowledge on these fun and important topics that are sadly missing from typical language courses. 

Why was this course developed?


Through our own experiences, we realized the great difficulty that the language barrier causes in cross-cultural relationships. Apart from our own trouble communicating with Russian women, we also discovered that many Russian women are also extremely frustrated by the fact that they cannot communicate with the men who are coming to see them.

This course is the answer to those painful communication dramas!Talk to Russian Women


Perhaps you can relate to some of these issues...

bulletRelying on a translator to talk to the woman you are interested in.

bulletTravelling all the way to Russia or Ukraine to meet the women you have corresponded with, only to find you cannot communicate with each other at all!

bulletNot knowing what she is talking about, or what she is thinking.

bulletNot knowing whether the translator is getting the message across properly or not.

bulletNot knowing what to say at crucial moments in your relationship.

bulletBeing embarrassed to ask your Russian translator (or teacher) how to say private and intimate things to your Russian girlfriend.

bulletStaring at each other blankly (again), and getting tired of saying "Sorry I don't understand!"


What will you get out of this course?

bulletYou will be able to say over 800 phrases on specific topics that are crucial to relationships.

bulletYou will feel enormous relief from being able to communicate with Russian women in the actual situations you will face (both in person and on the telephone).

bulletYou will find that you have a massive advantage over other men, and you will be able to socialize with Russian and Ukrainian women with ease and confidence.

bulletYou will be able to tell a Russian woman how you feel and find out what she's really thinking.

bulletYou will be able to stop relying on a translator!

bulletYou will be able to communicate with Russian women on all the important things you really want to talk about (including the intimate moments).

bulletYou will quickly build up a solid vocabulary, and have a lot of fun with these topics. (A lot of our customers have even more fun when they listen to it with their girlfriend!)

    bulletYou will be able to take your relationship to a much deeper level and enjoy a real closeness and connection with your Russian woman.


    At the end of this course you will be able to:

    bullet Ask Russian women out... in Russian!

        bulletIntroduce yourself and ask questions that will help you get to know her.

          bulletTalk to each other about your personal life, such as your hobbies and interests, and your family and friends.


            bulletCall a Russian woman on the telephone as well as get her to the telephone if she’s not the one to answer the call.

              bulletGive her compliments, as well as recognize when she’s complimenting you and thank her for that.

              bulletTell her how you really feel... About her, and about things that are going on in your life.

                bulletTell her you love her. The RIGHT way!

                  bulletSay loads of other love phrases, compliments and affectionate nicknames.

                    bulletTalk about important issues such as your relationship, major life events, marriage, having children and so forth.

                      bulletMeet her family and friends and address them appropriately in Russian without offending anyone or embarrassing yourself or your girlfriend.

                        bulletAvoid using interpreters on all your dates. (Get rid of the "third person" and enjoy a normal relationship.)

                          bulletAvoid using an agency for all your correspondence and wondering if you’re actually just being scammed.

                            bulletAvoid frustrating silences and awkwardness of not being able to understand each other.

                              bulletAvoid misunderstandings that could upset her, or you, or both of you.

                                bulletBe your normal self and talk about the things that are important to you. Showcase who you really are and give yourself the best chance of falling in love with the woman you choose.

                                  bulletAnd much more...


                                    What's Included in this Course?

                                    Russian Course for LoversThe Russian Audio Guide for Lovers is the original and only Russian course designed specifically for relationships.

                                    It will save you countless hours and loads of frustration that you will encounter if you try to learn all of these topics yourself using regular language resources, books, dictionaries, and personal tutors. With this course, you can skip all that hassle and get straight to the words and phrases that you really need for relationships.

                                    The course is separated into 3 levels that correspond with the maturing stages of a relationship. Each level consists of 12 audio (MP3) tracks, and there is also a written guide that accompanies the audio so you can follow along in print as well.

                                    Listen on your iPod, or any other MP3 player for that matter, whenever and wherever you want. (If you don't have an MP3 player, you can get one FREE for your computer from our download section at the bottom of this page.)

                                    Here is a detailed look at the course...


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