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Thursday, 2018-05-24, 1:03 PM
Main » eBook Catalog » Health & Fitness » Nutrition

Healthy Urban Kitchen Cookbook
2011-05-19, 6:43 PM

What if I Told You Everything You Thought You Knew About Dieting & Weight Loss is Wrong?

It's a FACT - Most Doctors, Nutrition 'Experts', Dietitians, Personal Trainers, Fitness Celebrities and Authors are DEAD WRONG about Weight Loss, Nutrition and Healthy Cooking!

Automatic Weight Loss is Possible When You Stop Dieting and Start Eating the Right Foods - and I am Not Talking About 'Health' Foods. In Fact, I'll Show you How to Have More Energy, Reduce Stress and Get Rid of Belly Fat by Eating More, Exercising Less and Eating Butter. That's right, I said Butter.

My name is Antonio Valladares, I am a certified Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach and have been a certified Personal Trainer & Exercise Specialist in New York City for more than 15 years. I've been on the cutting edge of exercise and nutrition science and pretty much everything I teach goes against the grain of the mainstream nutrition & weight loss 'experts'.

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The greatest problem for anyone who wants to lose weight is CONFUSION from all the conflicting and false information from the multi-billion dollar weight loss industry and media about WHY you are overweight and HOW to lose weight. Here are a few other problems most everyone faces:

  • Low Fat Diets - they haven't worked for 30 years now.

  • Misinformation about FAT - no, eating fat does not make you fat and saturated fat will not kill you.

  • 'Eat Less, Exercise More' is a recipe for hormonal disaster & belly fat

  • 'Moderation' and 'Balance' - no one has a definition for these overused terms

  • 'Healthy Eating' usually means eating salads, and almost always means bland, boring and not satisfying

  • Dieting (restricting calories) is not healthy, not normal, not fun and causes anxiety, cravings & binges

  • Cardio is boring, causes belly fat and is the least effective exercise for weight loss

  • Food corporations do not care about your health and have scientifically designed foods to be addicting

  • The multi-billion dollar weight loss industry does NOT care about your health. They are deceiveing you with the 'next best thing' and fantasies of looking like a starving & constipated 20 year old model

Read more and Order click here

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