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Wednesday, 2018-04-25, 7:40 PM
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TeslaSecret - making history on Cb!
2011-05-19, 8:20 PM
In your heart, you know there’s got to be a better way. A way to get your payback on the greedy electric company fat cats... and show them there’s a better way to generate electricity - one that costs nothing.

For the first time in almost a century, the answer to free energy is here. And no… it’s not solar panels… and you definitely won’t have to pay tens of thousands of dollars to use it.

In fact, this device is so easy to build… all it takes is $100 and a trip to the local electronics store to have everything you need to make your own!

But you won’t hear about it in mainstream media… and you won’t see it featured on TV.

It’s a secret so big… it had to be locked away for 90 years, for fear it might destroy the Big Energy establishment. The genius who invented it, Nikola Tesla, had to pay a dear price for having the"nerve” to take on the big players.

It all started in 1934…

… When Nikola Tesla Made
The Announcement That Sent
Cold Shivers Through Energy Execs
All Over The World!

"I have harnessed the cosmic raysand caused them to operate a motive device," Tesla said... instantly causing a few billionaires to choke on their morning coffee.

Afraid it might mean the end for a multi-billion dollar industry, Big Energy instantly withdrew all their funding…causing the invention never to be fully implemented.

Years after, when Tesla died alone and broke, the Alien Property Custodian confiscated all the sensitive files – even though he was a US citizen. And for almost a century, these files were condemned to gather dust on a government shelf.

But now, for the first time ever, a team of scientists has uncovered Tesla's missing files - and with them,

The Technology To HarnessThe
Massive, Untapped Reserve of Cosmic
Energy Has Been Unleashed!

This is going to upset many… but it’s well worth it. After years of suppression, a leaked file from the Tesla folder has made it into a few "underground” science labs.

But instead of keeping the technology for themselves…this group of secretive scientists have created a step by step handbook that ANYONE can use to build his own Tesla Generator… and tap into an almost infinite source of power.

Here’s How It Works:

Imagine the Sun as an immense ball of electricity… positively charged with a massive potential of over 200 BILLION volts.

About a hundred million miles away in the solar system, the Earth is charged with negative electricity – acting like a huge "sponge” that creates a virtual expressway for almost 4.5 megawatt hours of electrical energy!

Now get this: before Tesla, it was impossible to use even a small fraction of this almost infinite source. That’s because most of this energy "bounces” off the Earth’s ionosphere… and is lost forever into space. But with his device - and a few simple 21st century adjustments – you too can grab a slice of this unlimited resource.

Take a look at a small-scale generator in action:

Here’s Why You Need To
Try The Tesla Generator Today:

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