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CoolBeat Audiobooks
2011-05-14, 10:02 AM

About CoolBeat

Read a newspaper Interview with Alex and DaleCoolBeat Audiobook Publishing is a partnership based in Sarasota, Florida. He [Alex] is a Silicon Valley refugee. She [Dale] is a flower-child entrepreneur. Like the different toned twin drums of a bongo, together we make a wonderful sound... CoolBeat!

CoolBeat is a traditional audio publishing house (NAICS 512220), a member of the Audio Publishers Association (APA), and regularly listed in Audiofile Magazine. Every downloadable MP3 audiobook we sell has been created by us, and thus found nowhere else. Although our goal is to offer an eclectic catalog, we are very selective about what we publish. If we don't feel a work is CoolBeat material, in either attitude or philosophy, we simply won't publish it!

CoolBeat Audiobook Publishing is committed to audio quality for our audiobooks. We use high-end studio grade microphones and recorders when creating our audiophile grade audiobooks, and our pool of Voice Talent is outstanding!

We at CoolBeat Audiobook Publishing are passionate about what we do, and excited about the possibilities for our listenership; Adults, Children, and Juniors. CoolBeat audiobooks are the ideal way to "read" more, while pursuing manual tasks or other lifestyle activities.

CoolBeat Audiobook Publishing specializes in the uncommon. We believe that there should be variety in the kinds of audiobooks available to our listeners, not just retreads of the same old "classics" and over-hyped best sellers; and our selections of exclusive and off-beat material reflects this. No matter how unusual the content, you can be assured that all of our audiobooks are worthy of your time. See our Promotionals page for news about upcoming CoolBeat audiobooks.

Company Overview - (MS Word document)

Did you know?:

  • Sugar Pop Thoughts was nominated for the 2009 Audie in the category of "Original Work"; and won the AudioFile Earphone award.
  • The Planet Mars and Its Inhabitants CD was nominated for the 2010 Audie in the category of "Package Design".
  • KER-PLOP was nominated for a Hugo award.
  • The story "A Sunday Visit with Great-grandfather" from The Craig Strete Collection was nominated for a Nebula award.
  • A Shaman Speaks; How To Beat A Bad Breakup; and Sugar Pop Thoughts were first published as CoolBeat audiobooks.
  • I'll Catch the Sun ~ Memoirs and Musings of a Nudist is a special edition created exclusively for CoolBeat.
  • Classic Science Fiction, Volume 1; Classic Science Fiction, Volume 2; Classic Science Fiction, Volume 3; Classic Science Fiction, Volume 4; Classic Science Fiction, Volume 5; and The Craig Strete Collection are all original CoolBeat anthologies.
  • A Shaman Speaks; How To Beat A Bad Breakup; I'll Catch the Sun ~ Memoirs and Musings of a Nudist; Sevenacide; Sugar Pop Thoughts; and Waiting for Agnes ~ Inspired by the true story of Coral Castle were all read by their authors.
  • The Quiet People of India ~ A Unique Record of the Final Years of the British Raj was read by the authors son.
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