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Ultimate Asvab Practice Pack
2011-05-30, 1:22 PM

Passing the ASVAB is simple if you take the right approach, have the right study materials and take lots of practice exams.

Our ASVAB Practice System is Guaranteed to raise your ASVAB score or your money back.

The ASVAB is a 3 hour timed test that covers 9 subjects. Your score on the first 4 subjects below make up your AFQT score which determines your acceptance to the military. Your score on the next 5 subjects determines which job assignment you qualify for after enlistment.

ebooks download online: ASVAB Practice Exams

It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to focus on the 4 AFQT subjects because that is what determines your score and whether or not you get accepted into the military.

Many people underestimate the test, fail to prepare and get a lousy score which means they have to wait 6 months or more to retake the test. Don’t be that person. Use our practice system to maximize your score with minimal time and effort.

We have complete study guides for each AFQT subjects and online practice exams that cover all 9 subjects. Our practice exams are controlled by a timer just like the official ASV AB.

Here is a full list of what’s included in the Ultimate ASVAB Practice System.

  • Online ASVAB practice exams with automated AFQT scoring
  • Ultimate ASVAB Guidebook with Guaranteed Study Plan (download)
  • Full Math Knowledge and Arithmetic Reasoning Study Guide (download)
  • Word Knowledge and Paragraph Comprehension Study Guide (download)
  • Access to over 5000 Word Knowledge Practice Words
  • Full Length Paper ASVAB practice exams (download)

Follow our proven system and you will not only pass the ASVAB with flying colors but score higher than you ever thought possible. In 5 days or less, you will be 100% ready for anything the ASVAB testers have to throw at you regardless of previous experience or training - GUARANTEED.

The Ultimate ASVAB Guide lays out a
step by step program for ASVAB preparation
that anyone can follow.

You will want to spread these steps out over a fews days or even a week to get the most out of it.

Day 1: Take a "benchmark” AFQT practice exam. This will be an online practice exam under official time constraints. At the end of the test, you will be presented an unofficial AFQT score. ( only the military can give you an official score)

Day 2: Read the Ultimate ASVAB Guidebook – this ebook focuses on strategic aspects of taking the ASVAB as well as the 4 key AFQT subjects. We are going to tell you all the things the ASVAB testing geeks don’t want you to know. You will never look at standardized test the same way again. It will be like looking at a puzzle you’ve already put together. Some of the things we cover include: 

  • Fool proof time management
  • How to master multiple choice test
  • How to win at word problems
  • How to figure out the meaning of words
  • How to pick apart paragraphs
  • Top 5 Testing Mistakes and how to avoid them
  • Top Tips for Test Day Preparation

Day 3: Take an open-book AFQT paper practice exam (2 written exams are provided as part of the package). This will give you a chance to develop the skills and techniques introduced in the guide book without the pressure of a timed test. Take as long as you need and get familiar with the way questions and answers are presented.

Day 4: AFQT Online Exam– Compare your score to the first exam and you will be amazed at the difference.

Day 5: Take a full length online practice exam. Make sure you apply the strategy and knowledge you just learned from the guide book. Just like before, you will get your unofficial AFQT score at the end. You will also see the number correct on all the other subtests.
Take as many Practice Tests as you like.

You have UNLIMITED ACCESS to the Online Practice Center for 90 Days. This comes along with your purchase of the Ultimate ASVAB Guide. No other system provides this or even comes close to the approach we described above.

The Ultimate ASVAB Guide and Unlimited Access to the ASVAB Online Practice Center with AFQT Scoring is 60% LESS than comparable products.

For a limited time, the Ultimate 5 Step Program that can get you fully prepared for the ASVAB in 5 days or less, GUARANTEED, is only $39.95

You can get immediate access to the system right now. CLICK HERE

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