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Thursday, 2018-05-24, 1:12 PM
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Hottest Product: The Rogue Student Loan Collector Reveals All
2011-05-09, 6:39 PM

Dear Student Loan Borrower,

Looking to stop wage garnishments, tax-offsets, get the lowest monthly payments and settlements, and fix your credit?  Tired of getting nowhere with attorneys, CPA’s, student loan counselors, debt settlements companies and your favorite uncle... Sam?  Don't know who or what to believe anymore? Want the stress and headaches that come from worrying about your student loan debt to stop? 

That's where I come in. My name is Mr. Kay and I am a Production Manger for a top ranked federal student-loan collection agency who is contracted with Department of Education. Our firm’s job is to locate and recover hundreds of billions of dollars in defaulted federal student loans all across the nation.

My team has collected well over $41 Billion in loan balances from doctors, single mothers, college students, veterans, people with disabilities, the unemployed and anyone who is behind on their student loans.  I have developed a powerful unique course that exposes every tactic that I have used to collect hundreds of millions of dollars from unsuspecting student loan borrowers just like you.

Do you ever feel like this?

You start to feel the anxiety, the stress and headaches of collectors calling day and night for a payment. These ruthless collectors have contacted your loved ones, neighbors, your family members, and even your work place.  Everyone seems to know that you are behind on your student loan.  

You knew that this day would finally come. You put the problem aside hoping that it will go away but now you must plead your case on why you fell behind on your payments. These collectors demand a payment in full of your total balance. You notice something that makes your cringe.  At first you become furious and upset.  Then you become depressed. 

Your original loan balance was small compared to what you owe now.  The collector doesn't even care to listen or consider your feelings.  He hits you with the cold hard fact as if you got punched right between your eyes.  



This Means…
Unless you Find a REAL Solution to Your Defaulted
Student Loan, You Will OWE this Loan FOREVER!


  • What if you NEVER see your tax return ever again? Department of Education can literally take what is rightfully yours. Say GOODBYE to your Tax Return.

    The amount seized from your tax return won't be applied towards your principle UNTIL your interest is paid-off...which means...

  • You will LOSE 15% of every single pay check that you will earn until the loan is paid off.  If you take home $2,000 per month - you can save $300! Imagine what $300 per month can do for you.  If you are waiting for social security or/on disability, they can take that too! 
    EVERY time you get a raise or find a better paying job... You lose 15% of EVERY pay check. YES, that is 15% AFTER TAXES!
  • Imagine if you get sued by Department of Education. The legal fees to defend yourself will easily cost you hundreds if not  thousands of dollars! 
    Department of Education is the Federal Government. If you make decent money but you're ineligible for garnishment, you could get SUED!
  • Do you carry a professional license? Department of Education can and will revoke your professional license. I've personally seen it happen, don't let it happen to you!

    Department of Education has revoked the licenses of attorneys, real estate agents, chiropractors, doctors, and any one with a professional license.

I Promise, Your Situation is NOT Unique.  And More Importantly - Your Situation is NOT Hopeless.

Here's How Student Loan Blueprint Helped...

The big problem is that people who suffer from defaulted federal student loans have been fed the 3 myths by the collectors, student loan counselors, and even Big Brother. 

Here are the 3 BIGGEST MYTH about your federal student loan troubles that the collectors and Department of Education want you to believe:


MYTH #1 - Payments and settlements are non-negotiable with Department of Education because it is a federally-backed loan. 

Mr. Kay's Notes:  Collection agencies have 97% of the control on what the payments and settlements will be.  We as collectors are paid on commission on total dollars recovered.  Meaning, more we collect the more we get paid.  If so, do you think we won’t use a stone wall tactic as "it is non-negotiable” and pin the blame on Department of Education? 

Everything is negotiable but if you are looking to get the LOWEST payments and/or settlements – you MUST learn the collector’s tactics and use it against them. I’ll show you how to cut out the BS and catch them lying.

MYTH #2 - Garnishment CANNOT be stopped once it has been initiated.

Mr. Kay's Notes: Collection agencies get paid the same amount of commission regardless if you make voluntary payments or if they take the money from you. 

I’ll repeat again, collection agencies get paid the same commission regardless if you make voluntary payments or not. Don’t believe me?  Look at the contract between Department of Education and the collection agencies. It clearly states that the commission of 14% will be paid the "SAME RATE” as a regular payment or a garnishment.

Penalty of Bad Credit


What does this statement above mean to you?

Simple, let me ask you a question? Do you think it is easier for collector to "chase the money down from you” or just "take the money from you" if they are getting paid the same commission rate.  You guessed it right, it is 10x easier to just TAKE THE MONEY

That is why you have so many student loan borrowers complain about unjust garnishments.  I’ll show you how stop the garnishment dead in its tracks!

MYTH #3  - Federal student loan cannot be BANKRUPTED!

Mr. Kay's Notes:  Time-and-time again, bankruptcy attorneys are telling you that federal student loan cannot be discharged under bankruptcy.  Not until recently I have personally seen handful of borrowers include the federal student loan in their bankruptcy filling and getting it wiped out!

Of course it is NOT easy to qualify for this loop-hole BUT if you can qualify, imagine your student loan being wiped out FOREVER.  What is this valuable information worth to you? 

I have a question for you...

Wouldn't you agree that it's crazy to think you'll get different results if you keep dong the same thing over and over again?  If I keep touching a hot stove and kept getting burned - I'd be silly to think the next time I touch that hot stove I won't get burnt.

Here's how Student Loan Blueprint can help you get your freedom back from your student loan troubles starting today...

You see, I've created an authoritative reference on defaulted federal student loan called the Student Loan Blueprint.  The Student Loan Blueprint gives you a step-by-step formula for breaking away from your student loan troubles.  It's different than anything else on defaulted student loan you've seen.  This program has taken months to develop.  It is finally here..

Here’s what you get…

The Student Loan Blue Print

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