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Thursday, 2018-05-24, 1:11 PM
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The Scholarship & Grant Guide - The World's Largest Scholarship Guide!
2011-05-09, 6:59 PM

No matter if you’re a high school kid… a single mom looking to further your education… a parent or grandparent… or an international or minority student – you've come to the right place to find free money for college...

"You'll Find TONS of Money..."
$10,000... $20,000.... Up to $40,000 or More of Free Scholarship Money and Free Grant Money... From My New Scholarship and Grant Guide.

I Absolutely Guarantee You'll Be 100% Satisfied With
the Results You Get From The Scholarship & Grant Guide
Or You Get Your Money Back With No Hassle Whatsoever!

 PLUS... Get $448 In Bonus Gifts, FREE With Your Order

     Jerry Bohlken, Creator of The Scholarship & Grant Guide  "Imagine it... the money you find is FREE! You could find $10,000... $20,000... up to $40,000 or more of college money using my new Scholarship & Grant Guide. And best of all... it's easy... and it's fast. In as little as fifteen-minutes you could find two or three great sources of money for you. Then... once you apply you can have the money in as little as 14 days from this coming Friday."

     "If you need MORE MONEY... you can find more sources with a quick search. Dozens of sources offering millions of dollars in college money."

     "Intrigued? Keep reading to discover how to find the money you need for college and find it fast. This scholarship money can quickly and easily be yours even if you thought paying for college was going to be impossible and you couldn't qualify!"Jerry Bohlken, Creator of The Scholarship & Grant Guide

Dear Friend Worried About Paying For College,

     Let me tell you a story about my good friends Jann & Tom, both college graduates who at the time were in their 40's. Like many others, they hadn't even finished paying off their own student loans when it was time to send their oldest daughter to college.

     Can you imagine that?

     For nearly 20-years they had paid on their own student loans – and were about to take on additional student loans, so their daughter could go to college.


     Someone give me a break… please! If they had only known what I know now, this wouldn’t have had to happen.

     Hi… my name’s Jerry Bohlken.

     And what happened to my good friends is exactly why you're here reading this today... to avoid paying a fortune for college for the rest of your life! (Or at least the next 20 years!)

     It’s no secret… for decades college tuitions have been skyrocketing. And as the cost of higher education has exploded, students and families struggle to keep up with the high price tags.

Check out these facts about the "college cost crisis”, and how it affects your dream of a college education:

  • The cost of college has significantly out-paced the rate of inflation or the growth in family incomes for decades and during the 1990's the cost of attending college rose over three times as fast as median family income. And it just keeps getting worse.
  • Over the last 22 years the cost of a public four-year college education has increased by a whopping 202 percent, while the Consumer Price Index has gone up only 80 percent. (According to information gathered from the College Board and the Census Bureau)
  • And for the 2006-2007 school year, average tuition and fees at a public four-year institution was over $6,000… an increase of 7.1 percent over just last year. And average tuition and fees at a private college or university was over $22,000… an increase of 5.8 percent over last year’s average!

And, if you really want to get mad, read this…

  • In 2002-2003, 38 state governments increased the amount of money they allotted to higher education – BUT tuition STILL increased at public four-year colleges in all 50 states!


     Where does the price-hiking madness stop? But they've got us over a barrel... because a college education is absolutely essential to financial success these days.

     Well, unfortunately, you may not be able to change those statistics... but what you can do is FIND FREE MONEY FOR COLLEGE!

     If you’ve got 3 kids in high school, you may be thinking you’re going to have to sell the house AND one of your kids just to pay for college.

     You can do what thousands of parents do and pull out your 7 credit cards and pay for your child’s college education that way. Or, you can bury yourself up to your eyeballs in debt with student loans.

     But the best way to pay for college is to find a great scholarship and at least use it to help!

The Problem Is... How Do You Find the Best
Scholarships With the Least Amount of Work?

     That's where I come in.

     I'm here to help you find the MOST possible scholarships and grants you could ever hope to find.

     The Scholarship & Grant Guide is the fastest resource ever created to find FREE MONEY from scholarships and grants. Don't bother to fill-out applications for "student loans" until you find all the FREE money waiting for you... waiting to be given out to those who ask.

     Millions upon millions given away in the form of scholarships and grants. And believe me, there really is millions upon millions of dollars sitting there... waiting for someone to come along and claim it.

     Now, I understand there are a lot of "free" scholarship searches out on the Internet… no doubt about it. But what separates "The Scholarship & Grant Guide” from the rest of the pack is the fact that we are all of the best of the best of the best of those services combined!

     The Scholarship & Grant Guide is not just a single database. In fact, there are over 40 scholarship databases in the guide! We rate and review all the scholarship databases on the Internet to find the most valuable, accurate, and relevant scholarship databases on the planet.

     That way, you can just search, sort, and be done with it without having to dig through hundreds of "shaky" websites and all the other waste of time trash that’s out there! Updated 7.8 times per month (on average)… this is the best place on the planet you can find FREE money for college.

     What's more... it's easy! Oh, it takes some time... but you're going to be surprised at how easy the Scholarship and Grant Guide makes it for you to get the money you deserve.

     Who should be looking into this powerful Scholarship and Grant Guide?

  • You should if you're a high school student.
  • You should if you're a college student.
  • You should if you're a minority student.
  • You should if you're a foreign student.
  • You should if you're a graduate student.
  • You should if you're an adult returning to school.
  • You should if you want to study abroad.
  • You should if you're an online student.
  • You should if you're a teacher looking for resources.

     Why? Because The Scholarship & Grant Guide helps you no matter what kind of student you are. It's the most complete and amazing tool for finding free money for college ever invented... and it works!

     I’ve seen it work time and time again.

     People from the strangest circumstances in life will come and search for a scholarship with my "Scholarship and Grant Guide”… and over and over again they’re shocked that they actually found a scholarship for them!

     Now… it may take a little digging. Or it may take sending an e-mail to my resident "scholarship expert”…

     But no matter what your circumstances are, chances are, there’s a scholarship for you… it doesn’t matter if your GPA is top of the class or bottom of the barrel – chances are, there’s a scholarship for you.

     And if you’re broker than broke, or richer than rich, chances are, there’s a scholarship for you.

     And no matter what your background, education, ethnic origin or sports affiliation… chances are, there’s a scholarship out there for you. I've seen all kinds of customers find all kinds of scholarships and grants...

  • Believe it or not, I’ve even had customers find a "duct-tape scholarship”!
  • I’ve even had customers find a "left handed scholarship”!
  • There are scholarships for twins!
  • There are scholarships for skateboarders!
  • There are scholarships for tall people!
  • There are scholarships for small people!
  • There’s even a scholarship available from the "Klingon Language Institute”… for crying out-loud!!!

     Now... you may not believe me… but it’s 100% true…

     I have a customer… we’ll call him Steve.

     Now, there’s nothing special about Steve… he’s just a normal guy in his forties who wanted to go back to college. Now I’ll be the first to admit it… I just didn’t know if there would be anything in the databases for a middle-aged guy who wanted to go back to school.

     But with a little help from my "on-staff” scholarship expert, Steve was able to answer some questions and apply for some scholarships.

     To my surprise, we uncovered a HUGE number of scholarships for him!

     Here he is, now… living his dream of attending college without having to worry about the money. And he’s an adult, going BACK to college!

     Now there’s nothing too surprising about this story… until you find out that Steve is actually blind.

     So here he is… one of the most unlikely college candidates to ever sign-up for my Scholarship and Grant Guide – middle-aged, with a severe "handicap” – hoping to find money so he can go back to college.

     But with help from my resident scholarship expert, we were able to come-up with over two-dozen potential scholarships for him!

     Man oh man… was I delighted when we actually were able help this guy live his dream of going back to college! What a feeling to be able to help people live their dreams.

     Steve's story is true.

     And it's because of him, and several other stories like his that I honestly believe (based on my experience in this business over the past 8 years) there’s a scholarship available for most anyone in any circumstance! In fact, most of the time, my customers find multiple scholarships.

     But before I get too far ahead of myself – I must warn you: please don’t mistake my words for a guarantee! You see, I’m bound by Federal law… and I absolutely can not guarantee you’ll GET a scholarship.

     By law, I absolutely can NOT offer you a guarantee that says, "You absolutely will find a scholarship or grant and you absolutely will get money for college.” I would like to say that… because that’s how confident I feel about value of the "Scholarship and Grant Guide”.

     But my hands are tied by the laws of the land. I’m just being honest with you. And it’s just the way the government does business.

     However, what I can do, is this:

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