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Tuesday, 2018-06-19, 5:42 PM
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Ultimate Magazine Headline Swipe File
2011-05-12, 3:33 PM

Dear Marketers,

I used this headline to prove a point. Headlines make people read.

...And if you're still reading, you're living proof it works. :)

But that's common sense. Everyone knows juicy titles make people open an email (or read a sales letter) faster you can say "easy money". The problem is coming up with these masterpieces so you can get your promotions out quickly.

If you listen to the old school heavyweights, guys like John Caples (who wrote Tested Advertising Methods), you'll learn you should spend 50% of your time on the body and 50% of your time on just the headline...

Imagine if you spent 2 weeks plus grinding out an 8 page sales letter... You're now supposed to spend another 2 weeks writing hundreds of headline variations?

You could do that... Or you could take a short cut.

You see, in todays age, even the top writers steal ideas from other people. Copywriters call it a "swipe file". A folder full of the best advertising copy you can get your hands on.

You should have swipe files of everything. Bullets, scarcity examples, price justifications, and of course... headlines.

There's A Simple Source To Find The
Best Headlines In The World

Legends like Gary Halbert, John Carlton, and Michael Fortin all agree. The best place to find world class headlines is on the cover of popular magazines.

"The bestselling magazines in the world sell themselves and the way they do it is that they hook you and some of the best ones to do this are like Reader's Digest" - John Carlton (Copywriting Legend)

It's not the obvious place to look, but it makes sense when you think about it. Magazines sell tens of thousands of copies every month, and if they didn't suck you in quick with a short, attention snatching blurbs - you'd probably leave the issue on the rack. (And it's hard to get companies to pay for advertising in a magazine no one's reading.)

But unless you happen to have stacks of old magazines at your disposal, this little tidbit doesn't do you much good...

Until now!

Me and James Foster (a good friend and a sought after copywriter) have put together an encyclopedia sized volume of headlines from practically all the best magazines in the country.

A Total Of 1,080 Headlines!

  • 6 Years of Reader's Digest Headlines
  • 2 Years of Men's Health Headlines
  • 2 Years of Forbes Headlines
  • 2 Years of GQ
  • 2 Years of Vanity Fair
  • 2 Years of Glamour
  • 1 Year of People
All in one place. Easy to scroll through and change to fit to your product or email. (I stole the idea for the headline of this thread in less than 30 seconds by scrolling through the Forbes headlines.
Read More and Order

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