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Friday, 2018-11-16, 4:25 AM
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Rene Molenaar - IT Consultancy & Teaching
2011-06-20, 8:42 PM

"Frustrated because you failed another networking exam because you don't know how to solve binary or subnetting questions? Let me show you to solve the top of your head!"


Name: René Molenaar
Date: 13 July 2010

Dear IT professional,

As an Instructor teaching Cisco, Comptia and CWNP courses I noticed how many people have trouble solving all kinds of binary and subnetting questions, as a result they fail at networking exams like Cisco or Microsoft because they are unable to solve these questions.

How many hosts does a certain subnet have? What is the network address? What is the broadcast address of this subnet? What is the best summary address to create?

Most people will just use a subnetting calculator to solve these kind of questions without having any clue what they are actually doing. If you do an can't use a calculator so you have to do it yourself.

"Who am I and why should you listen to me?"

My name is René Molenaar and i'm working as a freelancer in the world of IT. Everything that has to do with Cisco, Microsoft, Linux, (Wireless) networking and security is my passion. One of the things I do in life is teaching networking (Cisco) and security courses to other IT professionals.

During my courses I notice how many people have very poor binary and subnetting skills and they fail at exams because of this. Other IT professionals I encounter need to calculate subnets or summary addresses for their networking infrastructure but have no clue how to do this...

After teaching many networking courses for years I developed my own strategy to teach binary and subnetting skills to students.

"Binary and subnetting questions are easy, and you can solve them without touching any paper!"

This might sound impossible to you, or maybe you think it only applies to Class C networks and not for Class B or A networks.

The truth is, you can solve any subnetting question by applying my strategy, and all from the top off your head!

"I'm not good at math, I'll never be able to understand binary/subnetting..."

I hear this all the time and to be honest with you, I'm no math guru as well! You don't need any rocket science skills to solve binary and subnetting questions and you'll be surprised how easy it will be.

"I'll just use a subnet calculator to solve my problems" 

Using a subnet calculator might be useful when you need to design a network but it's not going to help you troubleshoot networks or pass exams. I've seen many "professionals" trying to ping an IP address in the wrong subnet becauce they have no idea of how subnetting actually works.

If you want to achieve certifications like Cisco CCNA/CCNP/CCIE, Comptia Network+ or Microsoft MCSE/MCITP then you will need to know how to solve binary/subnetting questions yourself.

Rene Molenaar - IT Consultancy & Teaching Rene Molenaar - IT Consultancy & Teaching

"Never fail a networking exam again because of binary/subnetting questions"

Rene Molenaar - IT Consultancy & Teaching

Once you discover the tricks that i'm using, you'll never fail at solving binary and subnetting questions anymore, which might just make the difference between passing or failing an exam! Besides if you ask me, every IT professional working with networks should know how to subnet...

"My strategy to solve all your binary and subnetting questions are available for you right now"

Because I want to share my knowledge and strategy with other IT professionals I decided to create an "E-book" called "How to become the binary and subnetting artist".

It's a complete guide that will show you exactly how to count in binary, calculate subnets, calculate the available host IP addresses, network addresses, broadcast addresses, number of available subnets for any network! I'm also showing you how to create good summary addresses.

"Become a true binary and subnetting artist by learning my strategy!"

Discover how you can:

Calculate from binary to decimal and vice versa.

Calculate subnets for Class A,B and C networks.

Perform the calculations without touching any paper!

Work with CIDR (Classless inter-Domain routing).

Create subnets by applying VLSM (Variable Length Subnet Mask).

Create the right summary address for summarization.

Calculate from binary to hexadecimal and vice versa.

Tackling any subnetting question.

Create your own cheat sheet you can use for exams.

"Alright René, I want to become the binary and subnetting artist, where do we start?"

When you invest in my E-book "How to become the binary and subnetting artist" you will have immediately access because it's in digital format (PDF) so you can start right away crunching those numbers.

You don't have to wait for your physical book to arrive, there are no shipping costs and it's better for the environment!

Your investment for my strategy is only $17.00 and you can start immediately!

Click here to gain immediately access to my e-book
"How to become the binary and subnetting artist"

Rene Molenaar - IT Consultancy & Teaching

Perhaps you are in doubt or skeptical about buying an E-book, that's why I will guarantee you the following:

100% No Cure no Pay Guarantee (Try my E-book for 60 days)

All the products and services that I'm offering come with a 100% no cure no pay guarantee. If there's any reason you don't like my product you can send me an e-mail and I will return your money immediately.

I only want satisfied customers, so whatever the reason...if you don't like my E-book please let me know. No hard feelings!

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