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Tuesday, 2018-06-19, 5:38 PM
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Source Control
2011-05-08, 4:14 PM

This isn't a sales letter. It's a story & a solution.

We'll keep this simple. If we haven’t met yet, my name is David Walsh. I'm an entrepreneur, and I've been pushing the limits of outsourcing for years to build projects and create companies – and I've blown an absurd amount of time and money along the way.

Anyone who tells you outsourcing is simple & cheap is lying to you.

After all the chaos, the mistakes, the blown budgets and the wasted hours – yes, it’s simple and a massively profitable. Everything leading up to that point is anything but.

Over the last 3 years, I've taken every lesson I've learned and put it into a 160 page, fully annotated, resource packed book that is everything you need to start outsourcing successfully. No other resource available gives you this level of detail toward leveraging your time and money.

Losing money when you start outsourcing is not a possibility – it is an absolutely certainty.

Here's a taste of what you're getting into:

  • You'll put ads on sites like Elance and have no idea how to handle the response. Every proposal looks the same and every firm looks strangely similar, as if they're all working from one giant country-sized office. Lacking a meaningful basis for comparison, you'll be paralyzed with indecision.
  • You'll hire someone and realize you completely overestimated your ability to keep them busy. This isn't because you don't have a mountain of work – you have loads of it. Your problem will be that you can't present that work in a way that enables them to do it for you.
  • You'll get work back that isn't wrong enough to withhold payment, but not good enough to actually have been worth paying for. You'll spend equal time cleaning it up as you would have spent doing it yourself. This will happen with alarming frequency.

Isn't anyone else getting into serious outsourcing at this level?

Feel free to go scour Google for anything of value. Trust me, I did. I tried everything I would have used when I started out: personal outsourcing system, outsourcing system, outsourcing guide, virtual assistants guide, hiring virtual assistants and more. Wasteland.

Let me tell you what you'll find…

  • Hundreds of sketchy firms that sprung up following the success of The 4-Hour Workweek, attempting to catch a new marketplace promising to "make your life easier”Generic, non-actionable articles on the benefits of outsourcing
  • Heavy, big business Information Technology outsourcing with zero relevance to an agile, entrepreneurial focus
  • Entirely too many bloggers complaining about how they can't find someone to manage their kid’s soccer practice calendar effectively.

What you get with SourceControl…

Let's break it down…

  • Starting with the right mindset so you aren't sabotaging your push into outsourcing
  • Save yourself massive headaches by screening candidates on your terms in a way you won't get on Elance or other sites
  • Ensure you don't watch a firm a firm disappear with your money and not so much as an email
  • Totally change how you look at the work you do and tasks you perform
  • Establish new filtering process and decision-making rules for deciding what work benefits from you doing it
  • Step-by-step explanation of breaking down any specialized process and turning it into a generic process anyone can do for you
  • Capturing your process for your assistants, handling decision points ahead of time
  • Key process for creating illustrations or supporting document to support your new process
  • Separate your individual role in every task from the generic actions, and learn to turn a specialized task into a scalable process
  • Decide between full-time assistants or part-time on-demand help.
  • Eliminate communication chaos using clearly defined rules
  • Eliminating the domestic middle-man to save serious money
  • We'll introduce a few unexpected parallels between NLP (neurolinguistic programming) and outsourcing
  • Where to actually find assistants – and no, there's no day of the week in the name.
  • Actual, hard-dollar cost figures I've found around the world
  • Managing massive projects without risking disastrous outcome; this alone saved me thousands of dollars that I wouldn't have realized I was losing until it was too late
  • 7 types of work you're doing that you probably shouldn't be touching; and how to take advantage of sourcing to get it done
  • Outsourcing your writing tasks: there's a critical distinction to make if you want this to avoid failure here.
  • Anatomy of a bulletproof outsourcing system
  • Anatomy of a perfect task assignment; skipping even one of these can change the outcome of the entire project
  • Money, security, fraud and some obvious preventative measures to keep your money safe
  • Bulletproof source for getting high-quality creative work done with almost no risk; pay once and dozens of designs for your budget – and every single person comes directly to you.
  • The letter of introduction test to discreetly test your assistant's English skills
  • Cubicle Ops: Outsourcing Your 9-to-5; how outsourcing from within your job actually can be the best way to start and experiment; also learn the mistake to avoid when you're automating your job
  • Location location location. Learn where to go for which tasks.
  • A tested, proven task assignment workflow to keep everything organized, accounted for and transferrable
  • A centralized system for keeping files organized and structuredThe killer arsenal of free tools and services that allow you to run it all seamlessly
More Information CLICK HERE

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