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Monday, 2018-12-17, 3:15 PM
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A Complete Step-by-Step Guide To Successful In House Debt Collection
2011-05-08, 4:31 PM

Discover How to Improve
Your In House
Debt Collecting Success

collection of debt


Are you tired of dealing with slow paying and non-paying customers?

Is debt collecting taking more time, energy and resources away from you running your business?

Are you sick of ever growing bad debt and shrinking cash flow month after month?

Discover the strategies and techniques that the top collection agencies use in the successful collection of debt.

Did you know there are many tools, tips and strategies you can implement in your business to make a tremendous difference in your debt collecting success?

David Montana, a Senior consultant, has written "A COMPLETE Step-by-Step GUIDE To SUCCESSFUL In House Debt Collection" to help business owners significantly improve their collection of debt.

In this information-rich GUIDE, David reveals the insider secrets collection agencies use very effectively in the collection of debt.

collection of debt

Information Revealed in This Book:

Chapter 1

  • Terms and Conditions: The Importance of Setting Up Clear Credit Policies and Guidelines;Why You Should Always Ask For a Personal Guarantee; How To Get Your Non-Paying Customers To Pay The Costs For Hiring a Collection Agency; Customer Contracts and Agreements...and much more

Chapter 2

  • Reasons Why Many Businesses Fail At Debt Collection; Why Unclear Policies Are costly To Your Business' Bottom Line; Fear of Loss, and Why Many Businesses Don't Pursue Collections Properly.....and much more.

Chapter 3

  • Implementing Proper Debt Collection Strategies and Policies; Training Employees and Delegating Responsibility....and much more.

Chapter 4

  • Debt Collection As A Learned Skill; Time, The Depreciation of Money, And The Probability for Successful Collection; Taking Advantage Of Your Debt Collection Narrow "Window Of Opportunity"; Using This Simple Tactic Will Solve Many Slow-Pay Problems Significantly; Signs To Spot a Potential Slow-Payer.....and much more

Chapter 5

  • Proven Tactics Used By Collection Agencies; Vital Communication Skills You Need To Increase Your Debt Collecting Success; How To Make Every Collection Call Count...and much more.

Chapter 6

  • Debt Collection Letters- How To Make Them More Impactful; Collection Letter Advantages, and Challenges To Overcome To Make Them More Effective; Stregthen Your Debt Recovery Letters With These Tactics; Why Timing Is very Important; Sample Collection Letters That Get Results...and much more.

Chapter 7

  • Telephone and Negotiation Skills- Key To The Successful Collection of Debt; Elements That Should Be In EVERY Telephone Collection Call; Sample Telephone Debt Collecting Scripts- Things To Say- Things To Absolutely Avoid...and much more

Chapter 8

  • The Art of Collecting Debt, and The Ingredients That Will Make It Work For You; Developing Your Listening And Communication Skills To Precision; Hear What Your Debtor Is REALLY Telling You- And What He's NOT Saying; Sharpen Your Persuasion Skills And Collect More Money; How To Handle Objections Like The Pros And Turn Them To Your Advantage...and much more.

Chapter 9

  • Debt Collecting Do's and No-No's; Federal And State Debt Collection Policies, And How They Your Ability To Collect Debt; Maximize Your Success And Leverage Your Time With These Tips; Collection "Landmines" To Avoid...and much more.

Chapter 10

  • Know When You Should Outsource to a Collection Agency, and When You Shouldn't; Considerations For Outsourcing, and Disadvantages; Some Collection Agency MUST-HAVES's; Debt Collection Litigation...and much more.

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