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Wednesday, 2018-04-25, 7:42 PM
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Football Trading System 2009/2010
2011-05-14, 8:51 PM
Football Trading System 2009/2010
Welcome to FTS Income a genuine site for the punters. FTS Income has been online since 2007 and in that time many punters have gone from losers to winners. I have bet full time for the last 5 years and win over £200,000 each year across my portfolio of systems. When I started I was guided by Internet marketers who set up a big flashy webpage with stupid headlines and silly pictures as that was all I knew. FTS has evolved over the years to become a leading site for all types of punter. On this page you will find everything this site has to offer.

A good start…

A good place to start is to enter your email in the box on the right and download FREE the first Issue of newsletters. I set up the gambling academy in November 2010 to further educate people who want to take their gambling to a level where they earn a nice living from it. A series of highly informative low cost, newsletters are available walking people through the steps involved to gamble for a living.

With exercises to help you on your way, methods to help you build a good starting bank, psychology on coping with the swings in gambling and contributions from other successful millionaire gamblers, I believe they are the best resource online to take this gambling game seriously. Simply enter your email in the box and you will get instant access to Issue 1 FREE. Everything you would ever need to know to profit is covered in the newsletters and we have over 100 testimonials at

The FTS Set Up

I make my living mainly trading football matches having started small I now trade fewer games for bigger stakes across a portfolio of methods, some you will know some you will not and each has my own strict rules which I apply to it. Being a successful punter I was offered the chance to have an online presence and took it, not realising at all what the online gambling world is about. It is full of charlatans, scammers and out and out liars who make ridiculous claims about winnings when they do not even bet. They team up in groups and promote each others crap product after crap product with fake pictures and downright lies. FTS is different. FTS is now a site run by punters for punters. We have built up a strong community of fellow gamblers over the years and offer system trials, Betting System Reviews as well as my own trading methods. There is a portfolio of products across the FTS website which make LONG TERM PROFITS and will turn you into a winning gambler.

I do sell my systems. Everyone who signs up to an FTS product gets the selections I personally bet myself sent via email for life. I use these selections every week to make a very healthy income. Each system comes with its own pdf manual explaining the system and you are then added to the email list where I send my bets of the day out everyday and have done so for the last 4 years. Gambling is a great way to make a living when done properly and all income from gambing in the UK is tax free.

Main FTS System

This system is available for $77 and that is a one off cost to include my bets for life. This system focuses purely on trading, that is securing a profit by market movements or managing losing positions as detailed ion the manual using Betfair. Many people who have been with FTS for a while are earning up to £3000 a week using this method and the games I send out. I trade the games I email out exactly as detailed in the manual and at the end if the season go through the stats and if I need to change anything I update the manual and all updates are sent to subscribers at no cost, again for life. Everything I do has a long term view. Too many Punters jump from system to system trying to find the holy grail. FTS is about a long term view with long term, life-long profits. If you sign up to FTS you will start to make a nice healthy profitable bank as many FTS subscribers will attest to. I have a very healthy financial lifestyle, through FTS. I bet anywhere in the world using my laptop or ipad or smartphone and have 5-6 nice holidays a year. I have no mortgage, a lovely car and a great life where I answer to no one. All that is down to starting with FTS.

15 Minute System

The 15 minute system is a quick in and out system on my selected matches which again produces nice healthy profits. A manual explains the system and again all matches are sent to subscribers for life. This method is a great way to start small and build a bank. I use this system week in week out for nice profits. The cost is a one off £37 including manual and my bets for life.

System 3

This is a third system I operate which currently is no longer for sale. It operates purely on statistics and odds available. I will be honest and say it has not been as profitable as I would have liked in 2011 so far but at the end of the current football season I will be revamping it and it will then be available on a limited basis

Elite Club

In 2009 I started the FTS Elite membership. This was in response to the fact that as the FTS community grew I was getting too many emails from people looking for get rich quick schemes and I wanted to focus my time on people who understood what it takes to be a winning gambler. Elite members get many benefits. To be an Elite member you must have already been an FTS member who understands the difference between long term winning and running round like a headless chicken trying to get rich quick on stupid scams and systems.

Elite members get access to all my systems and exact bets for the period of membership, Elite members receive bets a few hours before standard members to allow them to get the best price available. As well as the match selections Elite mebers receive each match with my own personal ratings so they can use these to determine strengths of bets and how to trade the best rated matches.

Elite membership includes a separate elite email address to contact me directly .

Elite Members get access to two other methods I use which are not for sale to make money on football matches.

Elite Members receive my antepost bets each season, which have made me 5 figure profits each of the last two seasons and are looking on course for another great season this year.

Elite membership includes access to their own Elite members page where I go over each trade I have and how I played it so they can fast track their learning of how to play each match and the situations that arise. I also pass on other hints and tips to help with the gambling and trading mindset.

From 2011 Elite members also get access to my golf trade selections which will be very profitable. I apply similar trading methods in golf to those in football and now advise my bets to all Elite members allowing them to profit.

Elite members get my fixed odds selections and any other bets I have outside of the main FTS systems.

All Elite members get first refusal on places for subscriptions to other profitable services which we come across using the system trials on this site.

Elite membership is closed for the 2010/2011 season. If you wish to be considered for a place in May 2011 through to May 2012, please email me at An email does not guarantee a place and you must already be an FTS main system subscriber to apply. The cost is an annual fee of £157.

Betting System Reviews

In 2011 the FTS community started to conduct its own review section on gambling and products and services. These reviews are conducted by FTS members who send them into me and they are posted on the Betting Systems Reviews Page accessible by using the link at the top of this page. Unlike internet marketing sites where they are looking to generate affiliate incomes, these are reviews by punters for punters with results posted daily. If as a result of a successful review any affiliate sales income is generated for a particular product the FTS reviewer receives 50% of that money with 50% going back into the upkeep of this website. If you wish to follow a particular product just click the product name over on the right hand side of this page. This section will grow, all reviews are unbiased and impartial and I have no input into them, it is punters reviewing products for punters and showing the truth against the outlandish claims.

System Trials

In 2011 after being contacted almost daily by people who claim to have successful betting methods I set up System Trials. FTS website visitors get access to all the selections of these trials for a minimum of 28 days, and in many cases longer, to follow and see if any suit their portfolio. We often have 5-6 trials running together across numerous sports including Horse Racing, Football, Golf and US Sports to name a few. If a trial of a service proves profitable it is then offered exclusively to the FTS community on a limited membership basis and at low cost rates. I update the trial results every day and encourage FTS members to paper trade them and see if they are profitable but also if the types of bets fit their lifestyle. All trial selections are posted and emailed before the event for full transparency. Some succeed where others fail. It is a very worthwhile section of the website to visit daily as we have found some nice profitable methods through that area of the site, some of which I operate in my own portfolio.

Scam Alerts

With the ever growing number of scammers taking advantage of people searching for products to make a living through gambling I will update the Scam Alerts page with posts where I feel there is no substance to the product or its claims so that the FTS community can avoid being ripped off.

Peter Hunnybun/Mark Smith Service

Peter Hunnybun and Mark Smith are two dedicated sports traders across Football, Horse Racing and Tennis. They provide a service where they send out all their recommended advices across these sports and have consistently produced value, profit and some incredible results. You can visit their page by using the link at the top of this page and they will be keeping that updated daily with trading results and advice. They are both form readers who work incredibly hard at finding profitable movements in the sports markets. You can join their service for a low monthly fee which represents incredible value for the work put in and results achieved.


Forex is an area that can be lucrative and again can be open to scammers trying to rip people off. I have no knowledge of Forex or the products but we now have Chris Jones who is a long term FTS member and a full time profitable Forex trader managing this area of the FTS site. Chris along with a small team will look at Forex products, publish articles and highlight profitable Forex methods to those who wish to tap into this market and make a steady income.


Everyday I will be staying in touch with the FTS community by means of my blog. Here I just post betting info, rant occasionally and use it as an out and out sounding board to get people to take gambling seriously so that they go from a loser to a winner. Visit the blog daily to get my thoughts on all things happening in the betting world.

I hope you enjoy the FTS site and find something here for you, be it the System Trials, Reviews or subscribing to my own or the other services available. it is my goal in the corrupt gambling world to keep the most honest and genuine site in the industry, managed by myself and other members of the ever growing FTS community.

To Order click here

Good Luck


Ian Erskine

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