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Monday, 2018-12-17, 2:52 PM
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The Lord Of Poker - Unique Poker Software Product All Over The Net!
2011-05-08, 1:25 AM

Dear Friend,

It's true when people say that there is no easy way to make money.

And I’ve felt this pain before. A hurt that took so long to end. I surf the web every single day, turning thousands of pages of opportunities that promise me wealth and prosperity, but in the end they all turned out to be liars. In short, I’ve tried everything. Nothing seems to work.
Until one day, I met this guy on a chat forum. He blathered about how he makes around $10,000 every month playing "games” from his laptop. He also said that he never works for someone else in his entire life.

"What nonsense!” I said.

Making that kind of money by playing games? Yeah, right. What games? Money games? MLM?



"It’s online poker.”
That day, he revealed EVERYTHING to me. He even showed me some unarguably PROOF how he makes money by playing simple poker game on the net. It was almost like… a money-magnet. Unbelievable.
"My Life Was Turned Upside Down Literally Overnight”

But I don’t know how to play poker!

"Don’t worry; if you haven’t played any poker games before, then you’re going to love this one,” he said.

Wait a minute. Why was he telling me all this? What’s in it for him?

Well, he said that he needs a volunteer to test-drive his new software. Not just an ordinary volunteer though. He needs a complete stranger who doesn’t know how to play poker. "That’s you,” he confirmed.

Afterward, we agreed to meet up in Starbucks at Central Square, Cambridge, two days later.
When I first met him, I realized that he was a lot younger than me. He must be around 20’s or so. He brought an old Compaq laptop and a backpack. Nothing fancy, but looks can be deceiving.
He turned on his laptop and told me to learn poker by reading the "how to” instruction and playing with a computer. It took me about 30 minutes to fully grasp the entire game. I’m a slow learner, what can I say?
Although it wasn’t hard at all to understand the whole rules, but I still couldn’t win against a computer. I just kept losing and losing and losing, while the guy was slurping his latte and did absolutely nothing to help me. Fine. Maybe he wanted me to learn by myself. After all, I was his volunteer, right?
Not long after that, he took the laptop, typed something at the keyboard, and opened some kind of software for me. He told me to use that software to play poker. "Just do what the software tells you to do,” he said. At first, I didn’t understand what he was saying, so I simply nodded and went back to my poker game.
Then it made perfect sense.
Since I used the software, I kept winning and winning. The software was actually guiding me step-by-step to win the game! At that moment, I really couldn’t believe my own eyes because the winning was so easy, so smooth.

The win/loss ratio was like 9:1.

That means I had nine times as many winning moves than losing! No way!

"Did you realize that you just gave me an extra $400 a second ago?” he asked.

"What do you mean?”

"You just played at a real-time online poker room with my money,” he said. "Real money.”
Wow. So I just played with real people and staked with his money? For real? Man, that could’ve been my money. That could’ve been my winnings!
Of course, every sane human being would beg and plead him a copy of the software at that point. But not me. I said I would buy it! Just name the price!

He refused my offer nonetheless. He said that the software wasn’t complete yet and needs to be updated on a daily basis. He wanted the software to beat a world champion one day.

"I called it the The Lord Of Poker,” he smiled.

Since that day, I never heard anything from him again.
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