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Tuesday, 2018-06-19, 5:36 PM
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American Accent for Actors with Hollywood Professional
2011-05-10, 6:59 PM

Thank you from Troy MackinderLearn the American Accent the easy way!
with one of the leading accent coaches in the business!

Isn't it time you learned the American Accent and gave yourself a chance to land a role on the next American film that comes to town?

That's right you can learn from one of the best in the business, Troy Mackinder, who has worked on recent films such as Daybreakers, Accidents Happen, Triangle and (James Cameron's) Sanctum. He's currently the Dialogue Coach on Stephen Spielberg's Terra Nova.

Over 1 hour (1.5 GB) of video training taking you through each section of the ebook.
Step by step lesson working each major area Resonance, Emphasis & Stresses, Vowels and R's.

Being tought by an industry professional with over 12 years of teaching and coaching experience.

Audio for Vowel Practice (including female and male voices).

A tried and tested Practical approach to learning the Accent!


7th of May 2011

Dear Actors,

Would you love to land the next role that comes to town? Are you planning on finally taking that trip to LA or NY to follow your dream? Or do you just want to play a trick on your friends?

Whatever the reasons for learning the American Accent, Practically Speaking by Troy Mackinder will help you get there. He makes it as easy and fun to learn and has over 12 years experience in teaching actors.

If you have been wanting to learn the American Accent but don't know where to begin you have come to the right place. With Practically Speaking you will learn the basics that will allow you to act with an American Accent for the rest of your career. You will learn the core part of the American Accent which include Resonance, Emphasis & Stresses, Vowels and R's. In the Bare Necessities Section you will also be given a practical example which you can follow from the start of the rehearsal process to the actual audition. Throughout the training you will have the supplementary video of Troy teaching every major section of accent. As well, you will have audio to help practice each vowel.

Thousands of people like you have benefited from Troy's unique and practical approach to the accent. Will you be next?

Feeling like you will never get there?

You probably have had several auditions already and left promising yourself you would get a better accent for the next audition. Maybe you have been putting off the trip to LA or NY to follow your dream until you get the accent ready to go. Weeks roll into months and months into year.

Well it doesn't matter what you haven't done up to this point. It matters what you do right now. In Practically Speaking the technique has painstakingly been laid out to make learning the American Accent easy and practical. It allows actors to find the accent without having that annoying voice in your head telling you to "maintain the accent"

Learning the American Accent the RIGHT WAY?

That annoying voice in your head during auditions that says "maintain the accent" or worse it might even say "that accent is terrible" is one of the worst problems when doing an accent other than your own.

Well with Practically Speaking that voice in your head will disappear. This technique is unique in it's practical approach to the accent. It's easy! Practically Speaking teaches you to focus allowing you to change from "doing an accent" to just thinking about your acting.

Practically Speaking uses the most common academic knowledge but gives a practical and easy way to achieve the results without over analyzing the entire makeup of the accent. The book avoids the usual overload of academic based techniques and keeps the actor focused on their acting.

We have heard from many students that have bought other books or studied with other teachers and the most common statement is "I loved it when I was in the class, but I couldn't tell you where to start if I got a script". Well with Practically Speaking this is not the case. You will follow a script from receiving it from your agent to performing in the audition. The step by step instructions will leave you with no doubt about what you need to do when you receive the script.

And don't worry about the usual BORING voice learning. Practically Speaking has been taught by Troy Mackinder who is known for taking what can be the most boring part of acting training and making it fun. It's not good enough to just say "this is voice and so it has to be boring". Troy believes if you make things fun you will do them and if they are not fun you won't. With that in mind he has tried to make the learning as fun as it can be so you can get the job done!

Sound like YOU have been American your entire life.

More often than not when going to a voice teacher or accent coach you will be taught what Troy likes to call "the polite voice teacher voice". This consists of over pronouncing every word throughout. The problem with this is that NOBODY actually speaks that way. In Troy's years as an industry professional it is the most common thing he sees among actors. With Practically Speaking this is not the case. The entire approach acknowledges the conversational speech patterns and incorporates it's in into your training.

You will not be learning something that teaches you to sound like that "polite voice teacher". You will sound like you have been American your entire life! And more importantly you will sound like an actor who is competent and capable of landing the role. If that's what you want from your American Accent then this book is for you!

This book was made for Australians and New Zealanders can it work for me?

Troy has worked with all kinds of Nationalities and accent with AWESOME results. Troy did originally write this book with Australians and New Zealanders in mind as he resides in Australia. However the book focuses mainly on the American Accent with only some references to the Australian Accent. The American Accent does not change from one nationality to another.

Troy has used this book and his technique to help such accents as English (London), Northern England, Irish, South African and Italian and the results have been exceptional. Just see what Nino and Brian have to say.

click here to find out more ...

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